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Article published on 25 January 2013
last modification on 5 February 2013

by admin_elemac
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The idea is to develop a device to control the LED in full open source.

Everybody could use it and so find back the emulation and the pleasure of making various types of projectors without being restricted to industrial processes or manufacturing, they do not satisfy always our business applications which are still craft with specific requests.

Spécifications would be:
 4 channels control RGBW (to benefit of a "clean" 6000°K white Led)
 A 12V supply (voltage very common in batteries, car ....)
 Based on Arduino modules (many models, open source, low cost) and Amarino,
 On board presets (3 minimum) and a graduation knob for mobile use (adjust level on the fly, ....)
 Possibility to adjust and load presets with a tablet or smartphone connected in usb, bluetooth or wifi. We need to find a developer to write a control program based on this type of interface (it could be very usefull to be able to strore some presets in the smartphone in case of need of synchronisation of lights). It will be open source...
 Ability to switch in a DMX if necessary variations Actresses (TV, fireplace, traffic lights, ........) Interesting link here
 Easily adapt the outputs according to the powers and voltages of the LEDs. (Up to 100w with power transistor)

For the moment, the closer solution to this dream is there

This project is for all that are intested in "free" lighting, welcome.

 At work

 The leds

We must come to find LEDs with a CRI greater than 90 in order to satisfy the constraints of shooting...

A two-tone panel 60x60

 "Classic" control

 a major supplier dmx controller that can run "offline"...

A small-3 way dimmer with optional DMX (4 would have been perfect ...)

 A Mini model,

 This developer can be very interesting for its modules..

 A resource site DMX

 A very promising project 3-way card

 D other models of all kinds ...

 Control matrix

He begins to exist affordable solutions

 a demultiplexer Artnet DMX
 [a soft-paying> # descriptionSection] but more than complete. Full of possibilities, kinect ipad, android ...
 a free app more light and sufficient for many configs. They also develop a controller "universal"

 a resource page any kind.


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